HAIKU 2020

HAIKU 2020


Another new year.
Three hundred sixty six days!
The future is here.

Day after Christmas,
A cold December morning,
Happy Boxing Day!

December is cold
And still waiting for winter
A new year arrives

Let us drink to health!
It is far better than wealth,
And it lasts longer!

Fuckin’ Amateur!
He’s flunking haiku writing.
Mark it zero Dude.


‘Tis the season Dude,
Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Watch
“The Big Lebowski”

Celebrate ’20
Do a “J” for New Years Eve!
Happy New Year Dudes!

We have evidence!
Is this your homework Larry?
We want the Credence.

I am home alone.
They went to Pasadena.
Time for a nice nap.

Happy Saturday!
Listening to the rain fall
On the Patio.

The sky opened up
A hard rain is falling down
Here comes the thunder

Dude with a Cello
Playing classical music
In my living room


Super Bowl Monday
A National Holiday?
Eat, Drink, Watch TV

Stars in the night sky
Shine on crazy diamonds
Sing to the darkness

pizza for dinner
next time leave off the onions
that would be better

Jesus “the pervert”
Made a new film about him
Yeah, that creep can roll

Gotta Lotta Balls!
“F*ck it Dude, Let’s Go Bowling”
Nice collection Man.

Time for a cocktail
Order a beverage here
Have a caucasian

Stuffed Tortilla
Filled with meat beans and cheese
Put it in my mouth

Sing for your supper!
Kenny Rogers’ cover tune
Dressed as the Dude

Jeff Bridges can rock!
Saw him at “Lebowskifest”
With the Abiders!

Watching Jeopardy
Check out the category!
Dude gets a mention

Be sure to answer in the form of a question!

Mother Nature is pissed
Wants to kill us all

Social Distancing
Trapped in my peoplebox
I am so alone

Quarantine Day Eight
A Solitary Sunday
Woke up too early

“Safer at Home” Dude.
Has the whole world gone crazy?
This will not stand, man.

When the doctor asks
“Would you slide your shorts down please?”
And cut to this song!

LIVE MUSIC for you!
Give it up for some Creedence
and John Fogerty!

A gold Ralphs Club card
My identification
And it’s all I got


Wet earth and sunshine
You can smell it in the air
After the rain

Get the newspapers
The dogs are already fed
Now go back to bed

He killed Kenny!
Republicans want you dead!
Trump will kill us all!

RACISM! “Fake News” LIES!
“Lot of people are saying”

In-N-Out for lunch?
A double-double with cheese
Those are good burgers


In-N-Out Burger
5-8-6-4 Lankershim
It’s not on Radford!

Hey! F*ck you Monday.
Another week of weekdays.
When is the weekend?
-Monday Haiku

Friday afternoon.
I’ve been “in a mood” all day.
Can’t even haiku…

Saturday morning
It’s a beautiful day
Hope you feel better

No, we mustn’t dwell
Have you seen “Empire Records”?
Always Rex Manning Day

Sister Mary asks
Did you go to church today?
Up against the wall!

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Overlapping haikus (for a friend)

What the f*ck is up?
Your haiku is depressing.
Stop with the bullsh*t.
I hope you feel better now.
Don’t try suicide.
Why do you need a semi-colon?
You have survived.
You are loved by many.
Have a nice today.


Welcome to Facebook
Next best thing to being there
Poems by proxy



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