07-MAR-13: Century City Plaza at night

“We’re gonna live in Century City, Go ahead and give in, Century City

Like modern men, modern girls, We’re gonna live in the modern world” – Tom Petty

Century Plaza at night - Century City, Los Angeles, California (copyright 2012 Joshua Weisel)

Century Plaza at night – Century City, Los Angeles, California (copyright 2012 JoshWillTravel)

Century City is a 176-acre commercial and residential district on the westside of the city of Los Angeles. Century City is an important business center and many firms and executives with ties to the film, television, and music industries have offices there.

Century Plaza Towers are two 44-story, 571 ft twin towers located at 2029 and 2049 Century Park East.  Commissioned by Alcoa, the towers were designed by Minoru Yamasaki and completed in 1975.  The towers resemble Yamasaki’s World Trade Center in their vertical black and gray lines and the use of aluminum exteriors. The towers have an unusual triangular footprint and are landmarks that are clearly seen around the Los Angeles westside. Their prominence in the Century City skyline has been reduced in recent years with the addition of new skyscrapers that partially block their view. Nevertheless, the Century Plaza Towers remain the tallest buildings in Century City and the tallest skyscrapers outside of downtown Los Angeles. The towers sit atop a shopping mall and one of the world’s largest underground parking garages with a capacity of roughly 5,000 cars.


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