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Taco Tuesday! Dinner at El Torito Mexican Restaurant in Sherman Oaks

Taco Tuesday! Mexican food at El Torito in Sherman Oaks.

Thinking about chips and salsa! We hit up the El Torito Mexican Restaurant at Ventura blvd and Van Nuys blvd. There’s a parking lot that’s always full, valet parking and (TIP) street parking available. If you get lucky, you’ll find a parking space in the lot. If you’re smart you’ll find street parking at a meter on Ventura blvd, Moorpark street or Van Nuys blvd.


Mexican Food at El Torito Restaurant in Sherman Oaks

Enter through the double doors and into the reception area. There’s a Taco Bar (and Lunch and Brunch) Buffet area and a hallway to the restrooms on the left. The Bar is ahead of you behind the hostess desk and the large dining room divided into three areas is to the right.


Dinner at El Torito Mexican Restaurant in Sherman Oaks

The Bar is usually busy, and on Tuesdays it is really crowded because of the Taco Tuesday $1.99 Taco special (It used to be $1.00) and the Taco Bar spread which is only available in the Bar area. It’s also very loud with music and conversation, so we decided on the regular menu and a comfortable booth in a quiet corner of the center dining room.


At the Bar at El Torito in Sherman Oaks

The Bar is pretty fun if you can find a seat. They have beer, wine and spirits. Usually there’s a tequila drink (margarita) on special or it’s “happy hour” and there’s always a game on the televisions and loud music playing.

Besides the Taco special and Taco Bar Buffet, they have a Bar Menu with appetizers and small plates and you can order off the regular menu in the Bar area as well.


Taco Tuesday! The Taco Bar Buffet at El Torito in Sherman Oaks

I haven’t tried the lunch buffet or Saturday/Sunday brunch in a long time, but it’s a pretty good value and a they have a lot of different choices available. A Mexican food buffet is always pretty good! Tacos, burrito makings, fajitas, enchiladas, tamales, rice, beans, desserts, fruit, salads, soups, salsas and more; and then breakfast foods, menudo, juices and pastries for the weekend Brunch buffets.


Center Dining Room at El Torito Mexican Restaurant in Sherman Oaks

The Dining Room is large and spacious, and divided into three areas. There are tables and large booths available. The menu is traditional Mexican (gringo-style) fare, but they recently upgraded the recipes and the food is very tasty and you get a lot of it!


Mexican Food at El Torito in Sherman Oaks

Drinks from the Bar and all kinds of fun cocktails are available at your table too!


Drinks on the Menu at El Torito in Sherman Oaks

On the Menu: Chips & salsa, Fiesta platter (nachos, beef flautas, chicken wings and a cheese quesadilla), Macho Combo (chicken burrito, beef taco, tamale & chile relleño with rice, beans and sweet corn cake) and a shot of Silver tequila with lime.


Warm Tortilla Chips & Roasted Pepper Salsa

The chips are made fresh and served warm with roasted pepper salsa. They’ll make fresh guacamole at your table if you order it. They have a good selection of appetizers, entrees and ala carte items. Not so much on dessert, only deep fried ice cream, flan and a tres leches cake. Free refills on soda and most other beverages and more chips and salsa too.


Silver Tequila Shot with Lime(s)


Fiesta Platter! Nachos, Beef Flautas, Chicken Wings & a Cheese Quesadilla

I recommend the Fiesta Platter to start. Eat the nachos and chicken wings, take home the quesadilla and flautas. Then order a Macho Combo (your choice of four items) with rice, beans and sweet corn cake. Eat what you can and take home the rest for tomorrow.


Macho Combo! Beef Taco, Tamale, Chicken Burrito, Chile Relleño, Rice & Beans


Happy Birthday! Mexican Birthday Song at El Torito Restaurant!

It wasn’t my birthday, but the waitstaff came over and sang to the table next to ours so I got a nice picture. The service was excellent! I didn’t have to look around for our waiter because he was checking in with us regularly. When I finished the coke, he was right there asking “would you like a refill?”. Every request was handle promptly and the Manager even came by to ask how everything was.

The prices are reasonable. The Buffets and Specials are a pretty good value if you’re hungry and want to eat a lot of food. Drinks are also pretty reasonable and some of the drink specials are excellent! You get a lot of food and we even got a AAA discount on the check!

It was a very good meal and a pleasant dining experience. Good food and lot of it. The service was excellent and it wasn’t too expensive. A Very Happy Taco Tuesday!

El Torito Mexican RestaurantVentura Blvd (at Van Nuys Blvd) in Sherman Oaks


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El Torito Mexican Restaurant in Sherman Oaks






Going to Hawaii? Save a Dog’s Life!

Going to Hawaii? Save a Dog’s Life!

Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Canada and Aloha Air Cargo say dogs can accompany returning flyers on a nonstop flight to Seattle, Portland, San Diego or Oakland and be delivered to shelters on the mainland for adoption!


The Kauai and Maui Humane societies are seeking passengers returning from Hawaii to escort a dog or two to the mainland on their next trip. These transfer programs help save dog’s lives by sending them to Washington, Oregon and California animal shelters rather than being euthanized…

All you do is sign up and they travel back with you. Volunteers on both ends handle all the logistics. The Kauai and Maui shelters pay the discounted rate given by the airline and will provide the dog crate, as well as the necessary medical papers. All you have to do is show up for your flight as scheduled, they’ll do the rest!

Contact them with your flight date & destination:

Aloha Escorts – Kauai Humane Society www.kauaihumane.org

Wings of Aloha – Maui Humane Society www.mauihumanesociety.org

More Information click here: http://www.mauihumanesociety.org/content/503d4d068ec8a/Wings_of_Aloha_-_Program_Description.html


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Late Dinner at Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Late Dinner at Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

We were hungry on Thursday night, but didn’t want to eat at a big buffet or an expensive restaurant. My traveling companion wanted to try the new Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar Las Vegas Original Buffalo Wings. And I was okay with that.


Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel

Food Court at The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas

Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar Original Buffalo Wings!

Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel

Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel

Single order – spicy boneless Buffalo wings with celery, carrots and ranch dressing

Frank & Teressa's Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel

Frank & Teressa’s Anchor Bar at The Venetian Hotel – Original Boneless Buffalo Wings! $12

Food was good. These were good Buffalo wings and very similar to WingStop. They have different levels of “HOT” from regular to suicide…which are really too hot to enjoy. They were overpriced for spiced fried chicken nuggets, a few vegetables and some dressing.

I got a drink at the Panda Express, but all the vendors in the Venetian food court only have Pepsi products and NO COKE. We sat at a table and enjoyed our food, and since I couldn’t eat it all we got a “to go” box and took the leftovers up to the room.

All photos copyright 2015 JoshWillTravel