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Another Terrorist Attack! Brussels, Belgium

Another Terrorist Attack!

Brussels, Belgium – Tuesday, March 22, 2016


The Brussels Airport and Metro are CLOSED due to a Terrorist Bombing!

More than thirty-four people have been killed and 212 injured, after explosions struck Brussels during the Tuesday morning rush hour. Two bomb blasts hit the “Great Hall” Departures Hall of Brussels-National Zaventem International Airport (BRU) and another exploded in Maelbeek Metro Station. Belgium has issued a Level 4 alert, denoting “serious and imminent attack”: the Airport and Metro are closed and the city and the border with France is currently locked down.

Authorities Reportedly Seeking Man In Photo on the Far Right:


These are the Suspects in the Brussels Airport Terror Attack

Brussels-National Airport is an international airport 6 NM northeast of Brussels, the capital of Belgium. In 2015, more than 23 million passengers arrived or departed at Brussels Airport, making it the 21st busiest airport in Europe.

From the Brussels Airport website: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/

Brussels Airport extends its deepest sympathy to the friends and relatives of the victims of the explosions in the departures hall earlier this morning. At 8am two explosions occurred in the departures hall. The emergency and rescue services are on the scene and are offering the necessary assistance. All flights at Brussels Airport today are cancelled. Passengers are requested to contact their airline for further instructions.

The airport authorities are asking to avoid the surroundings of the airport.
Questions about family or friends at the airport? Call (0032) (0)2/753 73 00

All flights have been diverted.
The airport will remain closed Wednesday March 23.

UPDATE: 2 suitcase bombs exploded in Brussels attacks and a 3rd failed to detonate.
Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel and federal prosecutor Frederic Van Leeuw held a press conference on the attacks in Brussels. Van Leeuw confirmed two of the three men seen in the surveillance photo at the airport are “likely” (deceased) suicide bombers and authorities are actively looking for the third man photographed.
Major cities across the United States have increased security at transit hubs in wake of the attacks in Belgium. The Department of Homeland Security will also announce additional federal plans to tighten security.

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March 19: Istanbul, Turkey

Justice for the Victims! Never Forget! Peace & Love!



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And on a lighter note…

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Terror in Paris!

Terror in Paris!

I haven’t posted since the attack. There’s been too much coverage. And I haven’t been attentive to other postings because I’ve been overwhelmed by our crazy world this week.

Vive La France! - French Flag

Vive La France! – French Flag

The horror! The shock! Terror in the civilized western world with many dead. This has even greater impact when you have immediate family visiting the city and in the vicinity of the attacks. Thankfully they are safe and now back in the USA.

fb post from my Mother in Paris, France the day after:
“Thanks to all who wrote. Lew and I are shaken but safe. We can’t wait to leave Paris and be home. We are sick about the terror and loss of innocent life, the grief so close and overwhelming.”

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel ToweI

I watched as the reports of the attacks came in and followed the news into the night. There was a short time between the news of the attacks and the text message from my mother telling me they were shaken but unharmed. They were in their hotel room when they heard news of the attacks. Their hotel was about 10 minutes from the Bataclan and they had been near the restaurant that was bombed earlier.

They were at the end of their trip and spent the next day in a locked down Paris before facing the crowds at Charles de Gaulle airport and returning to the USA.

It’s been 24 hours of terror everyday since on the news. Details and updates and raids on terrorists. Female suicide bomber, France bombs ISIS, Russia bombs ISIS, yeah that “mastermind” blew up real good and they identified him by the stains on the wall, the US bombs ISIS and they got Jihadi John with a drone strike, and the Republicans want to stop the United States from taking in Syrian refugees, and the French like to sing Le Marseilles, and the Syrian passport was forged, and Iraq told the French about the attack before it happened, and there were bombings in Lebanon and Kenya, and Anonymous declares cyber war on ISIS, and there was a video threatening New York, and a police dog was killed, and there are many tributes and memorials, and people changed their facebook profile pic and there were hashtags…. and everyone is afraid.

I’m going to post the blog at this point. Sat, Nov 21 at 6pm pst. Just saw a news item on a twitter page created by Mashable “En Memoir” to honor the victims of the Paris attacks.

Eiffel tower fireworks on July 14th Bastille Day

Eiffel tower fireworks on July 14th Bastille Day

Justice for the Victims! Never Forget! Peace & Love!


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