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Tower Records on Sunset Blvd

Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard

A Los Angeles Landmark! An Icon of Rock and Roll!
Tower Records on the Sunset Strip!

Sacramento based Tower Records used to be the most successful chain of record stores in the United States. They filed for bankruptcy and went out of business in 2006.


Tower Records on Sunset – stock photo of the good old days

Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard
stock photos of the good old days (opened on the Sunset Strip in 1971)


Tower Records on Sunset – Water and Power Associates

Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard
Temporary Halloween Superstore a couple years ago,
the LIVE! retail clothing store,
and the time the Gibson Guitar Showroom was dressed as Tower Records for the Colin Hanks documentary “All Things Must Pass” premier.


Temporary Halloween Superstore a couple years ago

The Sunset Strip storefront is prime West Hollywood commercial real estate.
It sits on a 34570 square-foot lot and rents for around $230000 per month.


Tower Records – File it under “Things that aren’t here anymore”


That time it was dressed up for the documentary “All Things Must Pass” premier

“All Things Must Pass – The Rise and Fall of Tower Records” released March 2015
Colin Hanks’ documentary about the history of Tower Records,
the rise and fall and the legacy left by founder Russ Solomon RIP.


Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
Woah, oh listen to the music
All the time


Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard RIP.

Music makes my world go round
And music gets me high and keeps me on the ground
In music I feel safe and sound
Get lost and still be found

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Check out the cool Tower Records documentary film “All Things Must Pass” for more.


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