CORONAVIRUS! Part 49 Happy Father’s Day (Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thur)

CORONAVIRUS! Part 49 Happy Father’s Day (Sun-Mon-Tues-Wed-Thur)

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dad 1

Father’s Day sucks if your father is dead.
Dad left the party in May of 2018 and this is the third Father’s Day without him here. And we miss him. So seeing posts and pics on social media for Father’s Day is pretty hard, like when Facebook sends you a memory of a loved one (family or friend or pet) who has passed over, it can be a very painful unexpected reminder or just plain suck. So, we called our wonderful Step-Father and wished him a happy day, but we had a kinda sh*tty Father’s Day at home with the dogs Sunday.
And we are “Not the Father” thankfully, no children, at least none that we know of…..

So we spent the day with the dogs, at home. They got fed, and we were outside, and they got played with and they chilled with us in the Home Office all day as usual. And they got fed supper and we were outside a bunch of times, and they had “nappy time” and so did we. The dogs love their Daddy!

We were kinda disappointed with the Bacon Cheeseburger we had for lunch the other day, so we made our own for dinner tonight.
On The Menu: 2 bacon cheeseburgers and a dill pickle

2 bacon cheeseburgers and a dill pickle

THE NASCAR DEBACLE (just a little incident to fan the flames of racial divide)

Redneck Racists in Talledega, Alabama!

Bubba Wallace, the only African-American driver in the big show at NASCAR, was the key figure in getting the Confederate battle flag banned at all race events. And so, at Talledega in Alabama, someone hung a noose in his team’s garage stall.
REDNECK RACISTS! And so on Sunday, everyone came out to stand with Bubba!
It was a HUGE PUBLIC STATEMENT. It was the right thing to do. And F*CK NASCAR!
They have been a racist organization since their inception and it’s about f*cking time!


And it wasn’t a noose…. The FBI investigated and it was the garage door pull. It was there for over 6 months and the stall assignments were random, so there was no malicious racism behind the story….. just a “misunderstanding” about NASCAR’s 70 years of racism. Lots of positive spin on this though, because everyone thought it was a noose!
Move along, nothing else to see here.


Hitting record numbers all week in Arizona, California, Texas, and Florida!


Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 20.09.22
As of Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 7:30pm PST


Monday, June 22, 2020

Monday, early AM. Actually it’s midnight and now Tuesday morning, so we are recapping the day, and basically nothing happened. The dogs got taken care of this morning, we got the newspapers and the mail, we had an espresso. We went back to bed. The housekeeper came at 10:00am and cleaned, and we mostly slept while she was here. We woke up and we were outside with the dogs and then we cleaned a little and waited for later….

6:00pm. FUCK. And then we made an adjustment.
The dogs got fed and went outside. FOUR DOGS. 1-2-3-4. FOUR DOGS.
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Not even an hour.
(seriously just WTF?)

On The Menu: Fried chicken with BBQ sauce (a breast and two wings – no pic)
We also ate mini-pretzels, cool ranch Doritos, and some chocolate too….
We ate our dinner and fell asleep, and then woke up again a little before 11:00pm
And we were outside again and we worked on this Blog Post and now it’s Tuesday.


As of June 22, 2020:
85900+ Reported Cases and 3137+ Deaths in Los Angeles County 
2030+ Reported Cases and 43 Reported Deaths in Ventura County
10595+ Reported Cases and 269+ Reported Deaths in Orange County
9360+ Reported Cases and 234 Reported Deaths in San Bernandino County
13800+ Reported Cases and 424 Reported Deaths in Riverside County

178000+ Reported Cases and 5515+ Deaths in California!
2380000+ Reported Cases and 122000+ Deaths in the United States usflagmini

California reached a new high in the number of hospitalizations yesterday
related to the CoronaVirus, surpassing the previous peak in late April!

And cases and hospitalizations are rising in 25 other states:
Alabama, Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington.

Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 20.44.04

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Practice Social Distancing
Please staythef*ckhome
(CoronaVirus Haiku)

4:00am: Almost FOUR MONTHS of self-isolating! And we really haven’t done sh*t.

We didn’t learn a new language, or read anything that we have been meaning to read, or finish our screenplay(s), or deal with our storage and stuff…. and we are not sorry.
We have been “safer-at-home”, “sheltering in place”, “social distancing” and “self-quarantining” for almost FOUR MONTHS! We have the TV, cable, interweb, Netflix, youtube, twitter, periscope, and Facebook to keep us entertained and distracted.


Are they telling you the truth, or are they just advertising “Dancing with the Stars”. “The Bachelor”, or whatever the flavor or fashion of the week is? SO totally RIDICuLOuS!
You get better news from John Oliver and ViceTV and Late Night TV Hosts than you do from network or syndicated news these days. And Trump coverage is still non-stop!
He tweets, and that’s the daily outrage, and they forget yesterday’s outrage and last week’s outrages, and last month’s outrages, and last year’s outrages…..
And the media does a dog and pony show, and the talking heads debate each other endlessly, without YELLING FOR TRUMP’S RESIGNATION EVERYDAY!


8:00am: We fell asleep for a little bit and woke up with a headache. The dogs were outside and they got fed and then we made an espresso and heated up another fried chicken breast with BBQ sauce for breakfast. And then we ate it and now we are watching the morning “news” (weather, traffic, the entertainment report, with advertising/promotion for whatever, and recycled news stories from last night) and writing run-on sentences to update our Blog Post.

Dr. Fauci and the other Trump administration medical people testified before Congress this morning and we are all going to die. The pandemic has been mishandled since the beginning. Not enough masks, or PPE, or testing supplies, or ventilators, or TRUTH.
And of course, we want to be told about wearing a mask and physical distancing again by the Governor who thought we should re-open California before there was enough testing or a vaccine! WEAR A FUCKING MASK AND STAY THE FUCK HOME FFS!

The local and national news is now focused on the explosion of FIREWORKS in major metropolitan neighborhoods. Here in the San Fernando Valley it has been non-stop from dusk ’til dawn every night for weeks, and apparently it is happening all over the city and in other large cities across the country. There was a story out of Boston that the fireworks are a part of the Black Lives Matter protests, which would make sense, but also raises a lot of questions and certainly doesn’t help their cause (which we are actively supporting) in our house.

There may have been an attempted home invasion in Long Beach and the homeowner may have shot and killed two home invasion suspects overnight. They don’t have details, but there are a lot of police and red police tape at the scene…. oh and two dead guys too.


11:55pm: And what a day it was…. TravelTuesday, and we didn’t go anywhere.
We slept a little, we watched Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods” on Netflix early AM, we watched a lot of news today, a little of Trump’s rally in Arizona, and surfed the interweb all day.
And now it’s Wednesday.

On The Menu:

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

11:00am: We watched “Ford v. Ferrari”



We tried to keep up today, but had a case of “Fuckits” and just let it pass.
The dogs are good. They got fed and loved and we were outside.
And we took a shower, and put on clean sweat shorts and a fresh t-shirt.


On The Menu: Polish dog cut in half, on toasted Hawaiian buns with mustard, cheese and chopped onion

Polish dog  with mustard, cheese and chopped onion


Thursday, June 25, 2020 


Recapping the day and the week on Friday at 12:45am.
We just weren’t feeling it this week, we guess.
But now we are feeling a little guilty for not blogging constantly everyday….

SO Thursday. We slept a lot today,
or tried to, but we were frustrated by the dogs barking again.
We were awake well before 6:00am and the dogs got fed
and then we tried to go back to bed

just more bad news about the CoronaVirus spiking.
WearAFuckingMask! StayTheFuckHome!
On The Menu: Pizza with pepperoni and sausage

NOTE: So, we apologize for this week, it’s four months and we are so tired and BORED of the CoronaVirus bulls*t! There is no end in sight. The cases are spiking and will continue to increase until there is a full lockdown and QUARANTINE for 40 Days with 100% public compliance! There needs to be leadership and they will sacrifice you and your family to keep Trump’s economy going, so he can say it’s going…. YOU DIE and HE PROFITS!
Nothing has changed since DAY ONE, this virus will kill you and your family!
It is engineered (yes engineered) to kill you. If you are a person of color or poor it will kill you, because in addition to targeting the old and sick, it targets people who don’t have healthcare too. And don’t think this isn’t happening on purpose. Trump and the GOP want you and your family dead, and they will profit off it as much as they can.


Ripped this from a friend, who got it from a childhood friend:

I am going to share something this evening that I have not often posted about: the loss of so many old friends to the scourge of fascism. It came up spontaneously in response to several posts by my friends and I realize that it’s been on my mind for a while.
So here it is:
I have several old high school friends who I blocked from my FB feed some time ago. Some before the 2016 election and some soon thereafter. I think about these old high school “chums” from time to time that I’ve lost to the Moloch of wing nut insanity. I think about my response to them – whether it would have been wiser to keep them and try to represent some tolerance and compassion as we debated politics.
You know, after all, they are “nice” people …
But when I think of them, I can’t help but immediately think how my mother was born in 1943 in a bathtub at the height of the Nazi occupation of Holland and how the Nazis bursted in and demanded to know from my grandmother who and where the father was – as my mother was had dark hair and eyes. The luck of my grandmother’s blond hair and blue eyes saving both her and my mother who she just bore. My grandfather was alive hiding in a closet – which he did for the duration of WW2 when the Nazis occupied Holland. I have been thinking how my father, at 5 years old, narrowly escaped being killed – burned alive – in a synogogue because – as luck would have it – he had “an accident” and had to go back home to go to bathroom and clean up. When he returned he literally heard and saw people screaming as they were being burned alive as Nazis threw fuel onto the synagogue with the people still inside. The memory still haunts him today. My father – ala Sound of Music – escaped over the Alps with his mother. They tried 3 times and only on the 3rd attempt made it. On one of those occasions my grandmother was raped in front of him by Nazi patrols – and he was forced to sit on their laps while they did it. The final time she handed him over to a stranger to be taken to safety in Switzerland – while he was coughing up blood from TB. He was 5 years old. My father was detained for 3 days at 16 years old in Ellis Island completely alone and was nearly deported back to Switzerland because he was stateless – and he had TB.
And I think to myself that the old school chums who I played and hung out and shared music with and had good times. We were friends. And they knew me and I knew them.
They were “nice” people.
And then I saw them slowly change from dabbling in some rather unusual and far out ideas and start to advocate some really crazy shit. And I continued to try to maintain some civility and rational discourse which, as a philosopher, I found at times mildly entertaining if frustrating and futile. And then that crazy shit started getting batshit. One of them went so far as to say he’d prefer a Nazi – yes, full on, Nazi – to Hillary Clinton. A fucking Nazi. These were his exact words. To me.
This is essentially what my old school chums became: Nazis. Fucking Nazis. And they said this not just to themselves quietly or to their other buddies. They said this to me. Out loud. Wrote it down and sent it off. Cockroaches coming out into broad daylight to fornicate out in the open.
Nice people.
So essentially I was debating – you know, like old school buddies – with “friends” – whether or not there is some rational political philosophy that I could sympathize with that essentially would prefer it if I not exist. That my mother be not born, or my grandfather captured and sent to a concentration camp or my father burned alive … They were rationalizing to me – their friend – in front of me – the “virtues” of a political system that wanted my annihilation. And then I think about putting aside the moral/ethics of it all and just think about my own rational self interest – my own pure selfish self preservation – and think about what my old school chums really think of me.
Should I be civil to them because they are “nice” people?
That we could theoretically sit down and have a beer together and laugh about this or that I ought to respond to them with civility rather than with utter and sheer disgust and antipathy.
“Let’s just agree to disagree” is a phrase I hear and heard a lot. You know, after all, we ought to be “nice” – you know … respectful and civil – as I tell you to your face that, quite cold and calculating that, yeah, the world would be a lot better if you were exterminated. I’m no saint and I’m no hypocrite. My old school chums – and people like them – can go fuck themselves. And make no mistake: Trump is a fascist. He’s a fucking fascist.


And this post by Dustin Smith:

Those Nazi triangles were just emojis, planning a rally on Juneteenth in Tulsa was an oversight, encouraging you to drink bleach was “a joke” (or was it spitballing)? Mocking a disabled reporter was just a misunderstanding, grabbing pussy was just locker room talk, putting his family in positions of power wasn’t nepotism, all those once great people that quit his administration were disloyal, asking Russia to hack Hilary wasn’t a big deal because it was Hilary, blackmailing Ukraine for dirt on his political opponent wasn’t impeachable, removing inspectors general was his right as president, not knowing the Apostles Creed was just a lapse in memory, paying off a porn star makes him a badass, adultery somehow makes him “God’s imperfect instrument”, assassinating an Iranian leader (and the dozens of troops with brain injures as a result of their counterattack) makes him tough, calling the press the “enemy of the people” doesn’t make him a fascist, telling almost 20,000 lies is just speaking “off the cuff”, gassing protestors for a photo op is leadership, holding the Bible upside down is an honest mistake, caging children is a necessary deterrent, calling white supremacists “good people” isn’t racist, profiting from the presidency is fine because he’s not taking a salary, exploiting tax laws is “good business”, he’s doesn’t have to turn over his taxes because he’s under audit, dodging the draft was “clever”, over 100 million tax dollars in golf outings is fine because the job is stressful, It’s China’s fault that almost 120,000 Americans have died of Covid-19, If the economy is great it’s because Trump is winning, if the economy is bad… Obama. The excuses go on, and on and on. Where does it end? Answer… November. No more excuses. Vote for Joe Biden. Trump had his shot, and he’s a massive failure. Next.


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