Haiku Review – Spring 2020!

Haiku Review!
Spring 2020


Stars in the night sky
Shine on crazy diamonds
Sing to the darkness

Welcome to Facebook
Next best thing to being there
Poems by proxy

Stay Home! Stay Healthy!
Wash Your Hands! Abide. Be Kind.
Have a beverage.

Quarantine for days
Working that drug regimen
How long will this last?

A gold Ralphs Club card
My identification
And it’s all I got


Bunny Lebowski
My kinda Easter Bunny!
Find a cash machine

Time for a cocktail
Order a beverage here
Have a caucasian!

A White Russian
In a Chocolate Bunny
Happy Easter Dude!
A Shot of Vodka
Coffee Liqueur, Half and Half
Serve in a Bunny

1 shot Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur
1 shot Salted Caramel Vodka
A splash of half and half


Fuckin’ Amateur!
He’s flunking haiku writing.
Mark it zero Dude.

Remake the cover?
Fogerty is having fun
Time for some Creedence!

Cosmo’s Factory!
Here is the original
Great effin’ album!

When the doctor asks
“Would you slide your shorts down please?”
And cut to this song!

LIVE MUSIC for you!
Give it up for some Creedence
and John Fogerty!

In-N-Out for lunch?
A double-double with cheese
Those are good burgers

In-N-Out Burger
5-8-6-4 Lankershim
It’s not on Radford!

April Twentieth:
The Dude abides in your mind
Lost my train of thought….

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 16.38.16

Happy Four Twenty!
Jeff Bridges sings for Willie
On the interweb!

April Fools Parade!
(Zoom in the virtual world)
All Hail St. Stupid!

Tuesday afternoon
Never alone with your dogs
It must be PLAYTIME!

Trip to the kitchen
The dogs and I are hungry
Time for a snackie

Blintzes for brunch
Cheezy comfort food to eat
With raspberry jam
frozen from Costco
just fry them in cooking oil
and then add the jam

The beach is closed!
Stay outta Malibu Dude,
Waldo got busted.

“Stay outta Malibu Waldo!”

Friday comes again!
Is this a…what day is this?
No week, no weekend

Friday night dinner
Stay Home! Stay Healthy! Be well!
Good Shabbos Y’all!

The wind is blowing
Flowers explode with colors
Spring is in the air

No, we mustn’t dwell
Have you seen “Empire Records”?
It’s Rex Manning Day!

May 1st is May Day!
Laugh, Dance and Sing, it’s May Day!
Celebrate Springtime!🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

may day

I must turn off Trump!
“Creature From The Black Lagoon”
is not as scary!

Basketball season?
Stupid leader will kill us
Humans are doomed

Trump will kill us all.
Doesn’t have a f*ckin’ clue!
Are we winning yet?

Still “Safer-At-Home”
And one more Saturday night
Feelin’ so alone

Sunday Solitude
Do you talk to yourself much?
Jack is a dull boy

NOTE: Most of these Haiku are NEW, but some are older ones that were included in previous Haiku Blog Posts, and some are older but have never been included here.
We will continue to update this Blog Post with more as time and poems permit.


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Updated July 1, 2020:
How many Blog hits?
One hundred fifty thousand!
Thank you for the LOVE!

Practice Social Distancing
Please staythef*ckhome
(CoronaVirus Haiku)

“Safety Third”

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