Dinner Party at Mistral French Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA

Birthday Dinner Party at Mistral French Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA

est. 1988

NOTE: We didn’t take pics for this Blog Post.
Originally we weren’t even going to write a Blog Post for this dinner party. So, only two pics of the food were taken (using the flash and we felt self conscious about doing it) .

Birthday Dinner Party early on Monday Evening. Reservation for 5:45pm.

Valet Parking ($7+tip) or Metered Street Parking? We valet parked.
We didn’t drive, instead we rode along as a passenger. There was FREE parking at the meters (because it was President’s Day, a national holiday) on Ventura Blvd across the street from the restaurant, but instead we paid to valet park the car.

(Hey, look it’s Michael Milken! They must be celebrating his Trump Pardon!)
NOTE: News about the Trump Pardons for the 11 guilty white collar criminals wasn’t made public until the day after our dinner party. Milken pled guilty to 6 felonies and was fined $600million on April 24, 1990: “I transgressed certain of the laws and regulations that govern our industry. I was wrong in doing so and knew that at that time and I am pleading guilty to these offenses.” He only served 22 months in Federal prison.

Mistral Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA (not our pic)

Birthday Dinner Party! Table for 10, ready and waiting when when we arrived. Only nine people showed, because one had to work, and only one person was 20 minutes late.

(Hey, it’s Rick Chambers, TV News Anchorman for KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles!)

Why is it so dark inside the restaurant?
Why do I need a flashlight (phone light) to read the menu?
Holy Sh*t! Look at the prices! This is going be expensive.
The Wine List is RIDICULOUS (as in That’s a helluva markup!)

Mistral Restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA (not our pic)

“Gracious personalized service presents traditional French cuisine that is beautifully complemented by our luxurious bistro setting. Your grand celebrations to convivial family dining are equally at home in our elegant Bistro. Having been named one of the area’s finest dining establishments for over 30 years, join us to experience our lauded cuisine in an unparalleled and intimate setting.” 

And then we had a really nice gourmet dinner. The food and the service were both great.
On The Menu: tuna tartare appetizer, Caesar salad, steak with garlic slices, fries, bread & butter, chocolate soufflé, vanilla bean creme brûlée, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a coke.

Sparkling or tap water? Tap water with ice.
Red Wine – a Cabernet Sauvignon
(they have a $30 per bottle corkage fee if you want to bring your own)
Cheese Puff amuse bouche – small and tasty, bite-sized, warm, crispy, cheesy puff pastry
Bread and Butter – fresh baked, warm and tasty
Tuna Tartare appetizer w/8 small toast slices, small endive leaves, and 2 cucumber slices
Caesar salad – (we asked to have it packed “to go” because everyone else had their salad course while we ate our tuna tartare appetizer)
Steak (medium rare) with Garlic Slices and Shoestring Fries

Steak with Garlic Slices and Fries

4 Chocolate Soufflés with whipped cream (for the table to share)
We ordered 3 at the beginning of the meal and one was added:
Complimentary for the “Birthday Guest”
Served with a candle and a chorus of “Happy Birthday To You!’
We had a small taste of the chocolate soufflé but also ordered a Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée for our dessert (and we passed on the coffee/espresso and just drank coke).

Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée

NOTE: As we enjoyed our fancy expensive dinner, we watched homeless street people walk by the large picture window that faces onto Ventura Blvd and it was really weird.

Mistral13422 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA  mistralrestaurant.com

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