Haiku From The Past!

Haiku From The Past!

These are poems we previously published, either here or on Facebook.
As they post in our daily “memories”, we have transferred them here. Enjoy!


I am an angel
with a personal demon.
Is that ironic?

Dreams and Desires
cannot match reality
in a world gone mad.

Help! My inner child
has refused to grow up.
Too late to adopt?

Take a vacation!
I’m going to Disneyland!
Don’t tell Mickey.

I can hear the owl.
Night is questioning again.
Who do you call to?

Flowers, Birds and Butterflies

Watching Goodfellas
I’ve seen it how many times?
Go get your shinebox!

You think I’m funny?
Funny how? I amuse you?
Goodfellas haiku.

Hydrogen and Oxygen,
Just add Gravity.

Dance a little dance!
Listen to the water fall…
Rain at last tonight!

I can hear the owl.
Who, who, who are you it asks.
That’s a good question.

Pink Asian Elephant

No time to look back!
Forward into the future.
Everything is new!

He wonders “what if?”
But the past is behind him.
Life plays dirty tricks.

Saturday morning
Nothing to do but relax.
Maybe take a nap.

Am I the A**hole?
Ask yourself that question first.
Is the answer “Yes”?

Peyton Manning scores!
And now my day is complete.
Denver Broncos win!

Tigers with metallic silver background

Play the music now!
One more time with real feeling.
I just want to dance.

F*ck you Wednesday.
That is all I have to say.
Waiting for Thursday.

Today is Thursday.
Another day in the life.
Make the most of it.

Supermoon, Harvest moon,
Bloodmoon and Lunar Eclipse.
Just another day.
(The end of the world?)

The world did not end.
Monday again, one more time…
so, have a nice day.

Ansel Adams prints

Interweb sucker!
tell me how you were hacked…….
STOP spreading “fake news”

Way to go Broncos!
Extra fun beating Oakland
Five and Oh this week!

Cheesecake is baking.
Glad I’m not on the freeway.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Burrito Haiku:
Meat, beans, cheese, rice and salsa
Wrap in tortilla.

California sky,
Golden sunset in the west.
Why live anywhere else?

NOTE: All of the art in this Blog Post was found while thrifting,
purchased for very little money, and rescued from the trash!

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Just another day…
Oh, there is a baseball game.
Will they “choke” again?

Cold as ice tonight
Staying warm on the inside
And frosty outside.

Saturday hangover
I think the pain was worth it…
I’ll tell you later.



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