Just One More Haiku?

Just One More Haiku?

NOTE: Under Construction! We’ll keep adding to this page. Check back soon!

Live in the present.
Your future is the unknown.
Leave the past behind.

Good (Monday) morning!
One year. Missing my father.
Rough weekend for me.

Time for a cocktail
Order a beverage here
Have a caucasian

Tribute to The Dude!
Watch “Barry” on HBO
Episode Seven!

Tribute to “The Big Lebowski” during episode 7 of “Barry” on HBO

Storm warning today!
Lightning! Loud Thunder! And Rain!
Be careful driving!

Sushi cut rolls yum!
Pick it up, eat it at home.
Thursday night dinner

Back from Las Vegas.
A fun trip to “Sin City”
Happy to be Home!

Friday afternoon.
I’ve been “in a mood” all day.
Can’t even haiku…

The power went out
Friday night after dinner
Shabbos in the dark

Celebrate ’20
Do a “J” for New Years Eve!
Happy New Year Dudes!

Super Bowl Monday
A National Holiday?
Eat, Drink, Watch TV

Watching Jeopardy
Check out the category!
Dude gets a mention

May 1st is May Day!
Laugh, Dance and Sing, it’s May Day!
Celebrate Springtime!🌷🌷🌷🌷

In-N-Out for lunch?
A double-double with cheese
Those are good burgers

Sing for your supper!
Kenny Rogers’ cover tune
Dressed as the Dude

Someone calls this ART
Are you uncomfortable?
Say it! “VA-GI-NA”

LebowskiFest Time!
At the Wiltern in L.A.
With Jeff Bridges too!

Life is like bowling:
Strikes and Gutters all the time.
Let the good times roll!

Have a White Russian
Take a bath and do a “J”
Believe in Nussing

Care about Nussing!
Are you a nihilist too?
Don’t write a haiku.

The Dude and The Dude
At Friday’s Lebowski Fest
Together again

Just your opinion
Opinions are like A**holes
Are you an A**shole?

You call him The Dude
You are Mister Lebowski
Or call him “Duder”

El Duderino
(not into the brevity)
That’s what you call him

You call him The Dude
Lebowski, Jeff Lebowski
Kinda like James Bond

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