Pop artist changed the art world in the late 1950s’ and 1960s’. They presented images from every day life and from the commercial world around them. Their images came from comic strips, movies, billboards, and grocery store shelves. Some critics felt that pop art images were a commentary of the proliferation of mass-produced products and contemporary culture. Warhol used a giant Campbell’s Soup Can and Brillo Soap Pads as imagery in early art works, reminders of a childhood spent at home while he was ill. Warhol focused much of his attention to the faces of movie stars and popular celebrities of his time. Many of his Pop art images use high contrast colors and exaggerated off register edges. Artist Technique/Media: His work and that of other Pop artist used hard edged lines, an impersonal quality using screen printed or painted flat, bright colors, and are unrealistic and not flattering.

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