Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday, March 25 April 1st, 2018
(April Fools! See the NOTE at the bottom of the Blog for details)


I hate glitter. It never goes away.

So, yes there is a new Blog Post coming soon.
Sorry (to our Loyal Readers) we haven’t published any more this month in March.

We are still working on the March 2018 Road Trip Blog Post and the Burning Man Road Trip Blog Post from last August-September 2017 is almost done too, but we are not sure if we want to post it… and there are a few more unfinished Blog Posts that may see the light of the interweb eventually. Meanwhile, we are getting regular unsolicited hits on past Blog Post from all over the world everyday. Check them out in the ARCHIVES>

It’s a beautiful “pleasant valley Sunday here in status symbol land”.

Ten and a half Apostles! Happy Passover and Easter!

In honor the holiday we watched “The Prince of Egypt” again. It’s a beautiful animated film about Moses and the Exodus story from the Old Testament. Gets a big thumbs up and we recommend it for everyone (currently on Netflix too).


It’s not all good eating and sunsets here at JoshWillTravel. Times are tough right now.
Normally we keep it upbeat and positive here. Not today…

“Mothers complain about how hard life is and the kids just don’t understand”

We injured our back again this month. It’s the same injury to our lumbar spine that ended our career in production work. We hurt our back on our Road Trip moving heavy dog cages from one room to another and then hurt it again helping with other things at the Ranch. It’s one of the reasons we haven’t written because currently sitting, standing and walking for long periods of time is painful. We have prescribed medication but we don’t like to take it because it doesn’t really work and it makes us groggy, unmotivated and unfocused the whole day after. It also makes us angry, irritable and grumpy, along with the daily news and other real-world happenings. PAIN HURTS. PAIN SUCKS.

Our back is feeling somewhat better, but we have been having a hard time sleeping at night (INSOMNIA), and the construction next door to the Home Office continues without end (now, a year and a half of noise and disturbance). We have been hearing the constant whine of a tile saw and loud Ranchera music since we returned two weeks ago. We yelled at them last week and asked them to move the tile saw away from the property line, following up on the same complaint as a month ago when they had the wood saw next to our fence and loud “musica” before. No consideration at all for their noise or the  neighbors.

We are currently feeling very disorganized and slightly overwhelmed by the task of getting organized. Our advice to a friend this week was “just do one thing” and we are trying that approach and it’s a little better every time we do one thing….
(see our previous Blog Posts about Storage and Stuff for more details)

Can’t even begin right now. Everyday is another day of national embarrassment!

There is also a serious personal family matter that has been an ongoing concern for years. We won’t go into detail or even expand on the subject right now, but it is weighing heavily on us and has become even more difficult to deal with in recent months.

Springtime in Oregon

NOTE: This was originally written on March 25, but right now it’s just after midnight on Sunday April 1st and we added a bunch of stuff. Happy Passover and Easter! On top of everything else, our primary desktop computer malfunctioned earlier this week and we had to upgrade the home office with a new desktop computer.

Happy Passover 2018!

Party time at the house for the Passover holiday. This year 20+ guests and family again.

On The Menu: Brisket of beef, asparagus, gefilte fish with horseradish, roast vegetables, carrot/squash soufflé, noodle kugel, spinach & egg kugel, quinoa taboule, matzoh, wine (red & white) and Coke, and then desserts (all flourless: macaroons, chocolate cake, nut bread, chocolate covered matzoh) all mostly kosher for Passover.


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Happy Passover 2018!

Who knows what miracles
You can achieve
When you believe somehow you will
You will when you believe

principe do egito giphy

A Few Passover Facts: (ripped from the interweb)

The World’s Largest Passover Seder Takes Place in Nepal, of All Places. Each year members of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement hold their “Seder on Top of the World” in Kathmandu for Jewish locals and travelers alike (I’m gonna guess more the latter than the former). Last year they had around 2,000 people attend the festivities, and you can bet your tuchus that between the flowing wine and the thin air, it was quite the party.

2. Abraham Lincoln Was Assassinated During Passover. According to the American Jewish Historical Society, many Jews were in synagogue for the holiday when the news of Lincoln’s assassination broke. Altars in temples “were quickly draped in black and, instead of Passover melodies, the congregations chanted Yom Kippur hymns. Rabbis set aside their sermons and wept openly at their pulpits, as did their congregants.” Sadly, a time that was supposed to be full of celebration became one of mourning.

3. Coca-Cola Makes a Special Batch of Kosher Coke for Passover. While Coke is generally a kosher product, the dietary laws tighten during the Passover holiday making high-fructose corn syrup a no-no for observant Jews (it really should be a no-no for everybody all the time, but that’s neither here nor there). In response, Coca-Cola pumps out a batch of limited edition Coke that uses (gasp) real sugar instead of the kitniyot corn. Look for bottles with yellow caps on them to be sure you’re getting the right one, baby! (that was Pepsi‘s old jingle, but close enough.)

4. The First American Edition of the Haggadah Was Published in 1837. The Haggadah is the book or text Jews read from during Passover. It tells the origins of the holiday and explains how the Seder is supposed to proceed. Solomon Henry Jackson, an English-born American Jew, published the first American edition of the Haggadah in 1837 in New York. Jackson had moved to the city in the 1820s to establish the first Hebrew printing press, and The Jew, a monthly newspaper and the first Jewish periodical in the United States. One could say Jackson was the original member of the Jewish media elite.

5. Gefilte Fish is Really Good, I Swear. I know, I know, a bottle of gefilte fish looks more like something you’d find in science class than in a supermarket, but trust me when I say this: it tastes great. Some are even calling it “the new bacon.” Explaining the ingredients or the process of making it would probably only hurt my case, so I’m just going to say that if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. Just think of it as a fish hot dog, and as you can tell from Hebrew National dogs, we Jews know how to do mushy meat!

6. Manischewitz is a Brand, Not the Hebrew Word for Kosher Wine. Just as a Kleenex is really a “facial tissue,” and Q-Tips are actually “cotton swabs,” Manischewitz is a proprietary eponym. Founded in 1927 by Leo Star, the Manischewitz winery has basically cornered the kosher wine market here in the US with their sweet concord grape wine. Yet like Coca-Cola, Manischewitz uses corn syrup to sweeten things up a bit, so surprisingly not all Manischewitz is actually kosher for Passover.


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