Post-Playa Depression!

Post-Playa Depression!

Black Rock Desert, Nevada

So, it’s been a month 2 MONTHS since we got back from our road trip….

We didn’t go to the L.A. Decompression event or any of the other local “Burning Man” related post-event activities. Instead we saw Pete Townshend’s Classical “Quadrophenia” at the Greek Theatre (see our previous Blog post) and went to the L.A. County Fair.

And we bought a NEW AUTOMOBILE!

“You Get A Car!” – “You Get A Car!”

And then DEPRESSION set in….

There are almost finished Blog Posts almost ready to publish, and we can’t even finish them. We haven’t told the stories of Burning Man and the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun.

JoshWillTravel Eclipses the Sun!

We cleaned Vanessa (the van) and cleaned a bunch of stuff and did laundry, and then cleaned a bunch of stuff including our bike (which we didn’t leave on the Playa).


We’re still not done cleaning stuff…. and we have too much stuff.

It’s raining!! It was raining briefly just now (4am Friday morning)

We were in Ashland, Oregon for a week, between the Eclipse and Burning Man, and have a few stories to tell. We lost most of our pictures from the first part of the trip when we crushed our iPhone and we’re still pretty bummed out about that.

We had such a good time on our summer trip and then we got home. We were SO HAPPY and we didn’t expect the post-adventure “return to real life” to be so difficult to process.

9 days in the desert and other “interesting” experiences during our 3 weeks on the road.

We haven’t been able to get stuff done. Feeling sad and lonely all the time….
except for our three dogs, who are our constant loyal and loving companions.

The current Government and political climate are also contributing to our depression and anxiety. There is no end in sight. We don’t even want to talk about it or blog about it.

If you are interested in politics,
please visit 


And it’s the Holiday Season…. Thanksgiving is next week!

Grandma’s Cherry Cheesecake recipe>

Grandma’s Cherry Cheesecake – Thanksgiving 2015


We cooked a nice dinner tonight (Thursday).

On The Menu: Stirfry shrimp, sautéed asparagus, brown&wild rice and an iced espresso

What’s for Dinner?

That’s all for now.
It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m going out on this beautiful day.
Posted on Monday Morning.

p.s. Saturday afternoon we found this painting at Goodwill while “Thrifting”:


We also found an unpriced PYREX pie plate and when I asked “how much?” they wanted $6.99, so we passed.

NOTE: Actually we found 2 Glasbake and one PYREX glass pie pans that weren’t priced and took them to the Manager who was standing nearby with a Clerk. He instructed her, “Go look these up in the Back and if they’re Pyrex jack up the price, jack it up.” This happened right in front of me. When she came back the 2 Glasbake pans were taped together and marked $4.99 and the PYREX pan was marked $6.99. So, NO THANKS.

We did buy this signed, original painting titled “Bernie Sanders and Moth Orchid” by Peter Gullerud for $7.99 though. He’s an ex-Disney animator and fine artist, who confirmed Sunday via email that it was indeed his work. SCORE!

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Shadow of a Man – Total Solar Eclipse in Madras, Oregon

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