by Fernando Pessoa

“The day after tomorrow, yes, only the day after tomorrow …
Tomorrow I’ll start thinking about the day after tomorrow,
Maybe I could do it then; but not today …
No, nothing today; today I can’t.
The confused persistence of my objective subjectivity,
The sleep of my real life, intercalated,
Anticipated, infinite weariness—
I’m worlds too weary to catch a trolley—
That kind of soul …
Only the day after tomorrow …
Today I want to prepare,
I want to prepare myself for tomorrow, when I’ll think about the next day …
That’d be decisive.
I’ve already got the plans sketched out, but no, today I’m not making any
plans …
Tomorrow’s the day for plans.
Tomorrow I’ll sit down at my desk to conquer the world;
But I’ll only conquer the world the day after tomorrow …
I feel like crying,
I suddenly feel like crying a lot, inside …
That’s all you’re getting today, it’s a secret, I’m not talking.
Only the day after tomorrow …
When I was a kid the Sunday circus diverted me every week.
Today all that diverts me is the Sunday circus from all the weeks of my
childhood …
The day after tomorrow I’ll be someone else,
My life will triumph,
All my real qualities—intelligent, well-read, practical—
Will be gathered together in a public notice …
But the public notice will go up tomorrow …
Today I want to sleep, I’ll make a fair copy tomorrow …
For today, what show will repeat my childhood to me?
Even if I buy tickets tomorrow,
The show would still really be the day after tomorrow …
Not before …
The day after tomorrow I’ll have the public pose I will have practiced
The day after tomorrow I’ll finally be what I could never be today.
Only the day after tomorrow …
I’m sleepy as a stray dog’s chill.
I’m really sleepy.
Tomorrow I’ll tell you everything, or the day after tomorrow …
Yes, maybe only the day after tomorrow …
By and by …
Yes, the old by and by …”

Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa
June 13, 1888 – November 30, 1935
Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher.






Procrastination (noun)
-the action of delaying or postponing something
-the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished
-the practice of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones
-carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones
-putting off impending tasks to a later time


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