“Rockin’ Good Times!” A Cable Television Variety Show for $100!

“Rockin’ Good Times!”
starring Stan Davis and The Congregation

Produced by Joshua Weisel for Cable Access Television


30 minute Variety Show
Shot LIVE in 1997 at TCI Cable Studio in Sherman Oaks for under $100.


Opening Number “Underwater” followed by the Host’s monologue (standup comedy performed by Stan Davis), 2nd musical number “Lemondrop” and the interview and introductions with the band followed by the closing number “Turn It Out”.

The Congregation “Underwater” performed on “Rockin’ Good Times!”

The Congregation “Lemondrop” with interview and introductions by Stan Davis

The Congregation “Turn It Out” performed on “Rockin’ Good Times!”

NOTE: The program was shot LIVE on tape without any interruption or break. Unfortunately, most of the “technical details” were beyond our control and we were at the mercy of the Cable Access Television crew and their equipment for the video and audio.

SECOND NOTE: Unfortunately, the Host Monologue/Stand Up Comedy portion of the show starring Stan Davis was not uploaded with the musical numbers and interview.


Once upon a time the giant cable companies were mandated to provide facilities and airtime for Public Cable Access. Pro and Con Productions decided to use this avenue to produce and shoot a “Demo” for a 30 minute variety show we called “Rockin’ Good Times!” and hosted by our talented management client at the time Stan Davis. We enlisted The Congregation and their manager, who we had met when we worked at Warner Brothers Records A&R, to be the musical guest.

Studio time and equipment was provided for FREE by TCI Cable in Sherman Oaks (which would later become Time-Warner and now Spectrum) after attending an orientation and training class. The equipment was far from “state of the art” (and so was the crew) but it was free, functioning and able to produce adequate broadcast quality video. Our studio time was also very limited, so we set-up, blocked, shot and struck the show in about two hours without any time for in-studio rehearsal.

We paid for the 3/4″ mastering and VHS videotapes. We also provided refreshments for our cast, crew and very limited audience. Total cost was under $100 for the entire production.

Public access studio time: $0 , two 3/4″ & two 1/2″ videotapes: $48, finding your vids posted on YouTube 14 years later: PRICELESS! (found it online in 2012)

“Rockin’ Good Times!” is currently available for airing on 3/4″ Video Master or VHS video.
Contact me if you would like to view the entire program and/or fund the next episode.

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Big Thanks to Stan, Katy, TCI Cable, the Crew,
Kevin, Andrew and all the Guys in The Congregation!

William Stanford Davis at IMDB.com:

Kevin Sandbloom – Red Llama Music: http://www.kevinsandbloom.com



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