Naked, Unafraid and Mentally Ill! We Love L.A.!

Naked, Unafraid and Mentally Ill! We Love L.A.!

So there was another high speed pursuit on the Los Angeles freeways the other night…

How many police officers does it take to arrest a naked woman? After leading the LAPD, CHP, LA Sheriffs and Pasadena Police on a 100mph chase from Glendale to Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley to Pasadena to DTLA for over 2 hours, the female driver parked her SUV in the alley and wandered around the street (and she tried to get in the club and she was interviewed by a guy with a camera who followed her around) for 20+ minutes before the first LAPD officer finally arrived to arrest her! Then she stripped off her clothes and at least 10 other LAPD units arrived to see the naked suspect in custody. Your tax dollars at work while skid row and the rest of DTLA is left unprotected.

First Police Unit arrives and she strips off all her clothes

She had an incident at a family gathering and tried to hit her parents with the car before ramming several other cars. When police arrived she took the family SUV on a high speed pursuit on the 134 freeway to the 101 freeway north to the 23 freeway to Simi Valley and the 118 freeway east to Pasadena and then through Chinatown and Skid Row and finally to the location where the car chase ended and the real insanity begins.

The original incident happened at around 10:30pm just in time for the 11 o’clock news, all of whom bailed on the chase in order to switch to network late-night programming, although the internet feeds continued.  Thankfully, CBS 2 and KCAL 9 internet stream carried it to its conclusion.

She parked the car in the alley, waited on the street, tried to get into a club, waited on the street, tried to get into the club again. Then a stringer arrived and interviewed her, then she wandered around the block trying to avoid the stringer and tried to get in the club again as other people came out of the club and got involved. She wasn’t having anything to do with them and wandered around the street some more trying to avoid the stringer.

She stands naked and surrenders to the First Police Unit

When the first Police officers arrived she ran back into the alley when she saw them, then came back onto the street and stripped off all her clothes and surrendered. The first officers on scene approached her carefully, and they had her “laser-sighted” with tasers and sidearms, and then took her into custody on the sidewalk. They handcuffed her and placed a flannel shirt or blanket over her as many other units arrived on scene to see the “Naked Suspect” now under control. After holding her on the sidewalk, she threw off the blanket and then they walked her over to another police vehicle and had to pull her into the backseat.

NOTE: Even after a 2 hour long pursuit with speeds as high as 100 mph, there were no police behind her in DTLA and no units responding to her location for 20+ minutes. She was obviously a danger to herself and others, and in addition to her crazy behavior at the cause of the chase, she could have killed someone during or after the pursuit.



“The saga began sometime around 10:30 p.m. in Pasadena, when police responded to a 9-1-1 call from the woman’s parents for assault with a deadly weapon. Before her parents called Pasadena police, 32-year-old Simone Gonzalez allegedly attempted to run both of them over with a car. KABC reports that Gonzalez also hurled a brick through a window at her parents’ house, and rammed ‘a few’ of the cars parked on the property.

Police responded and discovered a “verbal altercation” situation at the Pasadena home. Gonzalez fled briefly in the family’s SUV, but returned to the house shorty thereafter. Pasadena Police officers spotted the SUV near the house and began to pursue….

…Gonzalez was eventually spotted in downtown Los Angeles around 12:30 a.m., trying to get inside a bar close to the intersection of 3rd and Main streets. LAPD officers responded and attempted to take Gonzalez into custody, though by the time police arrived she had begun removing her clothing.

Though police called off the chase, stringers followed Gonzalez into downtown. Their cameras were rolling as she stripped, capturing a disjointed monologue. Asked why she was running from police, Gonzalez replied that she was the police. “Ran from what? Ran where, sir? I am a trained policeman…You are a legal a slave trader. I am with the police everywhere,” she said.

Her parents mentioned to KABC that Gonzalez has a history of mental illness. Pasadena Police eventually arrested her for assault with a deadly weapon, reckless driving, felony evading, and felony vandalism.”

So how many police officers does it take to finally arrest a naked woman in DTLA?

“Naked Suspect” in Custody at 3rd & Main St in DTLA

BIG THANKS TO CBS 2-KCAL 9 Newsroom and helicopter crew in Los Angeles for the complete pursuit and arrest coverage via the internet stream!

NOTE: This Blog is for educational purposes only and posted in the public interest and for the public good. All screenshots are posted here without commercial intent.

How many cops does it really take to arrest unarmed immigration protesters in DTLA?  There are 25 officers in the camera frame and many more in the vicinity!

How many cops does it take to arrest unarmed protesters in DTLA?

We support our local, state and federal law enforcement officers! We truly appreciate the difficult and dangerous job they do and the protection they provide! There are absolutely times when prompt response and overwhelming force are called for and officers are there on the scene. Here are pics from three different pursuits: the first, a morning rush-hour chase, ended at the Reseda Blvd exit of the 101 freeway when the “Armed Subject” turned left off the freeway and then made a u-turn to double back and got stuck in traffic. Note the CROSSFIRE situation at the end of the chase and the overwhelming law enforcement response. The second chase, a 16 year old girl led a dangerous high speed pursuit of a stolen vehicle across south Los Angeles until the car was disabled and she surrendered. The third, a Monday morning chase that ended on  5 freeway north at Atlantic in Commerce. Notice the overwhelming response by local law enforcement and a quick arrest at the end of all three.

Someone’s got a bad case of the Mondays!
End of pursuit on the 5 freeway north at Atlantic in Commerce:

Monday on the 5 Freeway North at Atlantic in Commerce

And remember kids, driving and huffing nitrous nonstop don’t mix!

End of Police pursuit in Panorama City on ABC. The car is disabled with a flat tire. Police have the suspect surrounded and he’s sitting in the car filling balloons and huffing nitrous while they watch! Here’s a pic in case you couldn’t visualize it:


BIG THANKS TO ABC7LA and KTLA 5 for the news coverage of these police incidents!

NOTE: We support the Los Angeles Police Department! Here’s the Adam-12 replica Police Cruiser from the Eagle & Badge Foundation Event at the Los Angeles Police Academy:

1-Adam-12 at the Eagle & Badge Foundation Event at the Los Angeles Police Academy


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ps. We oppose unlawful tactics, behavior and violations by all law enforcement!

Police arrest a protester as they dismantle the Occupy LA encampment outside City Hall in Los Angeles
Occupy L.A. Unarmed Protesters v. Heavily Armed and Armored L.A. Police



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