Let’s Go To Malibu Beach!

Thursday afternoon: Let’s Go To Malibu Beach!

We hadn’t been to the beach in a long time, and it was a near perfect day for a drive through Topanga Canyon to the Pacific Ocean!

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South Seas Apartments – “The Karate Kid” Location!

Our journey to the Pacific Ocean began deep in the San Fernando Valley with a quick stop and photo op at the South Seas Apartments on Saticoy: the location for “The Karate Kid”.

See our previous Blog “The Karate Kid”>

Our next stop was at Cricca’s Italian Deli on Topanga Canyon for one of their famous submarine sandwiches to complete my picnic lunch.


Cricca’s Italian Deli – #1 in LA for Subs!

We made the drive over Topanga Canyon to Pacific Coast Highway, then north to Malibu!


Welcome to the ‘Bu! On Pacific Coast Highway – Malibu, California

Thursday afternoon, so there was easy parking on PCH near Carbon Canyon. Be careful crossing the highway! We parked near the coastal access to Malibu Beach next to David Geffen’s beach house. Open sunrise to sunset for THE PUBLIC, there is a paved and gated walkway from PCH to the beach. No dogs allowed on the beach! (BIG $$$ TICKET)


Coastal Access to Malibu Beach on Pacific Coast Highway


Coastal Access to Malibu Beach on Pacific Coast Highway


Malibu Beach – The Pacific Ocean


Alone on Malibu Beach – Malibu, California


Well, Almost Alone on Malibu Beach – Malibu, California


Malibu Beach – Malibu, California


Still Lunch with a view of David Geffen’s Beach House


Cricca’s Italian Deli’s NY Pastrami Sandwich with a View!

It was a beautiful day! Slightly overcast, but clear skies and not too hot. There was a cool ocean breeze and the sun came out. I forgot my beach chair in the car, but had a towel in my backpack that I spread out on the sand berm to make a place to sit.

We were almost totally alone on the beach with only two other people on the sand when we arrived and then a few people walked past while we enjoyed our lunch.

On the Menu: In addition to the NY Pastrami submarine sandwich we bought at Cricca’s, we packed a picnic lunch that included dill pickles, celery & carrots, tortilla chips, persian cucumbers, an apple and a banana. And we only brought water to drink…

After I finished eating, I took a little time to just sit and enjoy the sound of the ocean, the sea breeze and the calm of the beach. Then I did a little “on location” sketching (made a point to bring the pad and pencils) which I haven’t done in a very long time.


We finished our art project and packed up our stuff. We walked the beach for a little bit and then made our way back to the coastal access walkway. As we were preparing to cross the street, the StarLine open top van pulled up and parked in the middle of Pacific Coast Highway. They were taking pictures of David Geffen’s beach house, so I took a picture of them:


“Take A Picture, It’ll Last Longer!” – StarLine Tours Parked on Pacific Coast Highway


*NOTE*: I periscoped the drive through Topanga Canyon to the Pacific Ocean and then a Walk on Malibu Beach 

We stopped at the Top O’Topanga Overlook on the way back from the beach:


Top O’Topanga Overlook – View of the San Fernando Valley


Top O’Topanga Overlook – View of the San Fernando Valley


Top O’Topanga Overlook – View of the San Fernando Valley

Top of Topanga Overlook: enter from Topanga Canyon Drive above the San Fernando Valley. The overlook provides outstanding views of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Santa Susana Mountains, the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Fernando Valley below. The 9 acre site has restroom facilities, interpretive displays, a drinking fountain, benches and picnic areas
Located at 3400 North Topanga Canyon Blvd – Free parking is available

Top O’Topanga Overlook – Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Parkland


The View of the San Fernando Valley from the Top O’Topanga Overlook



The View of the San Fernando Valley from the Top O’Topanga Overlook

NOTE: I periscoped the drive through Topanga Canyon to the Pacific Ocean and then a Walk on Malibu Beach and saved them both to Katch, and later to YouTube (link below)


The “JoshWillTravel AdventureScope” is now available on Youtube!>
(And our Periscope videos from Katch are now posted on YouTube)

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