Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a nice steak dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a nice steak dinner!

This Blog entry is about FOOD. Good Food! Food that’s good for you!
If you’re not into reading about a nice steak dinner, please move along.

It was a beautiful Sunday in the San Fernando Valley today. The weather was great! The first Sunday after football is always the hardest… but a beautiful day makes it easier.

Valentine’s Day is such a rip-off holiday. So, instead of going out and paying triple for dinner, I decided to cook a really nice holiday feast.

On the Menu: Teriyaki bone-in ribeye steaks, baked potato, steamed broccoli and carrots, green salad with ranch dressing, challah bread, red wine and a coke.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Defrosted a couple of bone-in ribeye steaks, prepped the potato, yam & vegetables and then made the salad. Timed it out perfectly and everything was done just right.

Nothing fancy, just a nice dinner at home.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Green salad with iceberg lettuce, celery, carrot and cheese.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Sauteed the red onions, marinaded the meat and pan cooked the steak. One steak cooked rare, one cooked medium rare. (leftovers for tomorrow: steak and eggs maybe?)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Baked potato and yam, coated with olive oil, salt & pepper and cooked wrapped in tin foil. Topped with a little butter, salt & pepper and I left the sour cream in the fridge…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Steamed carrots and broccoli (don’t overcook!) cooked to slightly crunchy.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Very happy with the final results! Better than most restaurants and a lot less expensive.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Cooking a steak dinner!

Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert. Happy Valentine’s Day!


p.s. The feast was appreciated.

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