TBT: My First Concert!

TBT: My First Concert!

And one of the first outdoor rock music festivals.

Fantasy Faire and Magic Music Fesitival at Devonshire Meadows

Fantasy Faire and Magic Music Fesitival – Devonshire Meadows, Northridge CA Penny Havard designed the festival’s concert poster titled ‘The Gates Of Eden’

1967, I was just a baby.

Classic Radio Commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ttf5Nr2lehQ

“The Doors perform at Devonshire Downs (a.k.a. Devonshire Meadows) during the Fantasy Faire And Magic Music Festival in Northridge, CA. The band is double-booked on the 15th and travel to Anaheim in the afternoon to perform two more shows. Due to their double-booking, photographs show the group using another band’s equipment for this performance — Robby plays a ’63 Gibson SG Custom, Ray plays a Farfisa Compact Duo (along with a silver rather than gold Fender Rhodes Piano Bass), and John plays a Rogers drum kit. Consequently, these photos have led some fans to believe the band used this equipment on a regular basis when they did not.”

NOTE: I’m pretty sure it was the Iron Butterfly’s equipment.

Also performing Saturday: Second Coming, Kaleidoscope, The Whirling Dervish, Solid State, Iron Butterfly, The Grass Roots, The New Delhi River Band, Thorn Shields, The Groupies and The Factory



The Iron Butterfly:





I have an office...Gold Records on the wall.

I have an office…Gold Records on the wall.



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