HAIKU – Poetry! Yes, I wrote these.


Yes, I wrote these. – Please enjoy them.

Once I was a boy.
Many days passed friends.
Now I am a man.

Ghosts of old friends
Remind me of the good times
We had together.

I am not dead yet.
Those gone too soon to Skyfaire,
I remember them.

Hey! F*ck you Monday.
Another week of weekdays.
When is the weekend?

I am awake now
Night has passed into day
My eyes are open

Dude with a Cello
Playing classical music
In my living room

The sky opened up
A hard rain is falling down
Here comes the thunder

I went to the Faire.
And saw old friends out there.
They were unaware.

pizza for dinner
next time leave off the onions
that would be better

I am home alone.
They went to Pasadena.
Time for a nice nap.

Happy Saturday!
Listening to the rain fall
On the Patio.

Why am I so conflicted
about my dinner?
Steak and eggs sounds good to me.

Sushi for dinner:
Tasty little fish to eat
And sake to drink.

It is a new year!
What will you do different?
Will you be the same?

Overlapping haikus (for a friend)

What the f*ck is up?
Your haiku is depressing.
Stop with the bullsh*t.
I hope you feel better now.
Don’t try suicide.
Why do you need a semi-colon?
You have survived.
You are loved by many.
Have a nice today.

Now read it from the bottom to top!

stop being afraid
of things you are afraid of
it will be okay

Don’t try suicide!
It doesn’t solve anything.
You just make a mess.

Going out for dinner.
Oh, what fun we’ll have tonight.
I’m thinking sushi!

Wet earth and sunshine
You can smell it in the air
After the rain

Will you tell the truth?
Inquiring minds want to know
“what is your problem?”

Are you still with us?
There’s only one of you!
Don’t try to be two!

Write a poem for me,
And the whole world will hear it.
Thank you for your Love!

All poems copyright 2015 JoshWillTravel

UPDATE: MORE HAIKU! Click Here> http://wp.me/p3dhVM-1Sl





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