Vintage Disney Storage Find #2A – Vacationland Summer 1977 Magazine

Vintage Disney Storage Find #2A – Vacationland Summer 1977 Magazine (part 1)

NOTE: I spent last few days moving my storage and having some fun, so it’s been a little hectic here. There a few other blogs in varying stages of development, just haven’t had time to finish, polish and post…apologies to my loyal readers. I am proud to point out that at least one blog was posted each day the week before, so go back and check out the archive! There’s some pretty fun stuff and I’d like some feedback if you’re out there! Thanks!

Vintage Disneyland! Vacationland Summer '77 magazine - COVER
Vintage Disney! Disneyland Vacationland Summer 1977 magazine – FRONT COVER

I actually found this vintage piece before I found the “Sleeping Beauty” poster (see previous blog) and have been posting individual pages on my facebook page and sharing them with the Vintage Disneyland group.

The magazine was in MINT CONDITION and I was hesitant to even scan it for fear of damage. It was just too cool not to share! I’m working on a long blog and the contents include the articles on the Main Street Electrical Parade, the Golden Horseshoe Revue, “The Rescuers” and Disneyland Costume Division. There are also vintage promotions for the Gerber Baby Center and Orville Reddenbacher Popcorn (both new additions in 1977) and cool retro ads for Disneyland, Wonder Bread/Hostess, GAF/Kodak and even other theme parks: Knotts, Magic Mountain, Lion Country Safari and Universal Studios.

Okay, this was just a BIG TEASE because I don’t have time to post the whole blog…it’s under construction…and I spent some time on World Cup USA ’94 (coming soon) tonight.

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