Vintage Disney Storage Find #1 – “Sleeping Beauty” Movie Poster

Vintage Disney Storage Find #1 – “Sleeping Beauty” 1970 Rerelease Movie Poster

"Sleeping Beauty" 1970 Rerelease Movie Poster
Vintage Disney Storage Find #1: Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” 1970 Rerelease Movie Poster

It measures 3-1/2′ x 2-1/4′ (there’s a little damage at the bottom, a small torn corner, and it’s still partially wrapped in the original cellophane). Must be a sign that it’s time to finally have it framed!

Spring is a time of cleaning! I’ve been trying to get organized for about twenty five years. I’m definitely a “pack rat” in that I don’t like to throw stuff out, and I believe you never know what item might be important or valuable later. Not just in terms of having a monetary value, but in terms of the emotional connection an item has, or the dormant memory that an item triggers.

I don’t think I’m a hoarder, but it probably depends on someone else’s opinion. To manage my “STUFF” and to keep my day-to-day life relatively clutter free, I’ve maintained a storage space for years and years.

Storage! Three Past Lives in 300 Square Feet of  Rented Space
Storage! Three Past Lives Stored in Boxes in 300 Square Feet of Rented Space

I have three past lives stored away in boxes in about 300 square feet of rented space:

1. Things from before the Northridge earthquake of 1994, when I had everything stored in Northridge, and the facility was yellow tagged. I moved everything that was salvageable to North Hollywood. This stuff includes keepsakes from childhood through college, retro furniture, hand-me-down kitchen appliances, film/prop/set/art/lighting/costume supplies from my first years in Hollywood production and camping equipment/building material from the Renaissance Faire.

2. Things from my life after college in Los Angeles, including furniture, bar and glassware, kitchen and cookware, housewares, appliances, electronics, books, vinyl records, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, and assorted memorabilia and papers from my post-college, Hollywood production and management years, and a past married life long ago.

3. Things from this current life that are taking up space or need to be stored away out of sight. STUFF! There are real estate files, old talent management files, financial records and receipts, office supplies, file cabinets and office furniture, toys & games, collectibles, magazines, clothes and linen, old computer software and hardware, miscellaneous junk, and empty boxes waiting to be filled with more stuff.

Periodically, I will sell some of my stuff, but the collection always continues to grow! So, after 20 years at the facility in North Hollywood, because of circumstances beyond my control, I’m moving everything. I’ll be trashing some stuff, selling some stuff, and moving some stuff to other places.

Which brings us back to the “Sleeping Beauty” Movie Poster I found today between a large unframed mirror and a glass tabletop. I recently joined the Vintage Disneyland group on facebook and I’ve already found a couple of cool vintage pieces.

I’ll be posting stuff for sale soon. Check back here and on my facebook. And please let me know if you’re interested in buying anything that I’m selling! Thanks!

Storage! Three Past Lives in 300 Square Feet of  Rented Space
Storage! Three Past Lives Stored in Boxes in 300 Square Feet of Rented Space

“That’s all you need in life, a little place for your stuff. That’s all your house is: a place to keep your stuff. If you didn’t have so much stuff, you wouldn’t need a house. You could just walk around all the time. A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it. You can see that when you’re taking off in an airplane. You look down, you see everybody’s got a little pile of stuff. All the little piles of stuff. And when you leave your house, you gotta lock it up. Wouldn’t want somebody to come by and take some of your stuff. They always take the good stuff. They never bother with that crap you’re saving. All they want is the shiny stuff. That’s what your house is, a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get…more stuff! Sometimes you gotta move, gotta get a bigger house. Why? No room for your stuff anymore.” and “Nobody owns anything. When you die, it all stays here.” ~ George Carlin

UPDATE Wed 11 June 2014:

Cleaning out my closet! (copyright 2014 JoshWillTravel)
Cleaning out my closet! (copyright 2014 JoshWillTravel)

Almost done…Anyone need a beautiful khaki-cream overstuffed soft leather couch with dual kick-out recline? (wrapped in heavy plastic and located in the San Fernando Valley) Message me for details.

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