250 Blog Posts! A Milestone and an Accomplishment!

Monday 10 March 2014 3:04am

It’s Daylight Savings Time again and this is my 250 Blog Post on wordpress! And we just celebrated our One Year Anniversary. I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of accomplishment.

It’s been a good experience sharing my experiences. I blogged “Pic of the Day” for a solid six months. There are one picture blogs and very long blogs (the longest is the road trip from Los Angeles to San Jose); there are blogs about travel, hotel visits, restaurants and special events; and there are blogs about Los Angeles. I’ve been posting mostly for my own amusement and as a record of the good times I’ve been having, and I hope you’ve enjoyed them. Thank you to all my FOLLOWERS here!

London Hotel West Hollywood Rooftop at Sunset (copyright 2013 JoshWillTravel)
London Hotel West Hollywood – Rooftop at Sunset (copyright 2013 JoshWillTravel)

I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog. There are some changes afoot and fun times ahead.

“After the rain You can smell it in the air Wet earth and sunshine.” haiku by JoshWillTravel


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