Breaking News! Shooting at LAX Terminal 3!

LAX is on lockdown because of a shooting at Terminal 3. Another reason you need a professional travel agent!

A guy walks into an Terminal 3 and shoots three people…
“Flights have been grounded at Los Angeles International Airport after a shooting that wounded at least one TSA agent. LAX officials said they did not know when flights would resume.”
LAX is being evacuated, all flights have stopped, freeway exits are closed and traffic is completely stopped!

One man with a rifle shot three people near Virgin America in Terminal 3 at 09:20am PST. Suspect in critical condition and in custody. Airport on lockdown, total GROUNDSTOP all flights grounded, total airport evacuation in progress, arriving planes and passengers holding on the tarmac, freeway exits and Century Blvd closed and it’s a total traffic nightmare!!!

Lots of “speculation” by the news media until Mayor Garcetti, Police Chief Charlie Beck, LA World Airport Police Chief Gannon and others gathered for a press conference at LAX. 1 TSA officer killed, 6 people transported to area hospitals. Travelers are asked to avoid going to LAX and advised to call their airline (or travel agent) if flying today.

Shooting at LAX this morning leads to a travel nightmare! Hundreds of people were evacuated and are stuck in the sun on the sidewalk at the airport revealing a lack of contingency planning for travelers in an emergency!


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