AUGUST 2013 – What’s new at JoshWillTravel?

August 2013 – From the desktop of JoshWillTravel

HAPPY JAMAICAN INDEPENCE DAY!  I’m a Jamaica “One Love” Travel Specialist!

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Hello!  I hope you are having a wonderful summer!  If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you may have noticed that the Pic of the Day has been discontinued after six months of solid posting.  Please take a little time to look back through my blog and enjoy the beauty of mother nature, the luxury of our modern age, the joy of travelling, and the love of having lots of fun.

Eagle and Badge "Summerfest" Fundraiser  - Photo op with the ADAM-12 1969 Plymouth Cruiser

Eagle and Badge “Summerfest” – Photo op with the ADAM-12 1969 Plymouth Cruiser

I’ve been busy this summer: working, learning, travelling, having fun and working.  I will be blogging about the road trip to the Bay Area of California and Ashland, Oregon soon.  I also have to add the pics from the Eagle and Badge Foundation “Summerfest” at the Los Angeles Police Academy last week.  I just got back from the huge GBTA 2013 (Global Business Travel Association) convention in San Diego and really want to share the fun I had there with you. And tonight I went to the SoCal ASTA (American Society if Travel Agents) Premium Luxury Symposium and Showcase at the Montage Beverly Hills Hotel.


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Be well! Enjoy every sandwich!  Have a nice day!  Lots more to come!

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