12-APR-13: Warner Brothers Records

Warner Brothers Records – “The Rabbit Hutch” in Burbank

I used to work in this building.  I worked in the basement, that’s where the A&R Department was located in the early 90’s, back when Lenny and Mo were in charge.

And from this building came some of the greatest music ever made!

Pic of the Day 12-APR-13: Warner Brothers Records "The Rabbit Hutch" - Burbank (copyright 2013 JoshWillTravel)
Warner Brothers Records “The Rabbit Hutch” – 3300 Warner Blvd., Burbank , CA (copyright 2013 JoshWillTravel)

Warner Brothers Records Inc. is the foundation label of the present-day Warner Music Group, and now operates as a subsidiary of that corporation. It maintains a close relationship with its former parent, Warner Brothers Pictures, although the two companies are independently owned.  Warner Brothers Records was originally established in 1958 and for most of its existence it was a record label owned and operated by larger parent corporations. A sequence of companies controlled Warner Brothers and its allied labels, from the early 60s to the early 2000s. Over this period, Warner Brothers Records grew from a struggling minor player in the industry to become one of the top recording labels in the world.

(Read more about the history of the label at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warner_Bros._Records)

See more pictures of Beautiful Burbank at http://wp.me/p3dhVM-jj


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